SignalHealth is a clinically integrated health care network wholly owned and operated by the Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital system as an independent organization. It was formed out of local response to the Nation’s health care reimbursement shift; a movement away from the traditional fee-for-service based model to a global, quality based payment model.  

SignalHealth is aligned with the Triple Aim Initiative developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). For SignalHealth, pursuit of the IHI Triple Aim necessitates a simultaneous effort to:

  • Enhance care delivery satisfaction for both the patient and the healthcare provider
  • Improve the quality of local health care services, and
  • Reduce per capita cost of health care within the community.

SignalHealth is positioned to help prepare Yakima for approaching changes in health care delivery and reimbursement, by enhancing healthcare provider recruitment, guiding healthcare providers through the health care reform process, and ensuring that health care organizations and providers are able to thrive and grow in this changing environment.

SignalHealth is a physician-led organization, created by local health care leaders, community leaders and physicians with a shared vision for coordinated patient-centered care.

SignalHealth's theoretical foundation is built on the provision of quality, population-based health care that residents of the Yakima Valley need and deserve, and that will improve the global health of the Yakima community. SignalHealth's model moves beyond treating illness, and focuses on the patient experience and the promotion of health and wellness.

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